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Gravel and Cyclocross Bikes

What do you get when you combine the look and geometry of a road bicycle with the spirit of a mountain bike?

A bicycle that can carry you through almost anything.

Gravel Bikes

One of the fastest-growing categories of bicycles, gravel bikes have become popular due to their versatility.

With a drop bar design, a gravel bike look like a road bike, but a closer look reveals the differences – flared handlebars, wider tires, disc brakes, and other components come together into a bicycle that can handle a mix of terrains. This means riders can hit the roads, while also exploring forest trails, rec paths, dirt roads – whatever grabs their attention.

The comfortable geometry and room for strategically placed cargo bags also make gravel bikes a perfect choice for bike packing.

And, because gravel bikes can accommodate more traditional road tires, this can be an excellent choice for a rider who may only want one bicycle, but lots of options.

Cyclocross Bikes

For riders looking for a unique challenge, look no further than cyclocross!

Often described as “steeplechase on bikes,” cyclocross is a form of bicycle racing where riders take on a course created from natural elements including trails, grass, hills, while also navigating over obstacles that often require them to quickly dismount and carry their bike.

The NECX (New England Cyclocross) season generally starts in late August and runs through the first of the year.

Visit our Calendar of Events or join the STBG Cycling Team for information about upcoming training sessions and races.

Pedal, run, repeat: Making cyclo-cross a family affair.