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Mountain & Fat Bikes

Hardtail, dual suspension, cross-country, enduro, pedal-assist – when it comes to mountain bikes there is no one size fits all. 

Let STBG help you determine what is the right bike for you and your adventure plans.

White Skarn leaning against boulder with carn on top.

Brands we carry

Cross Country (XC)

Designed for those who feel the need for speed, cross country bikes are great for racing as well as long rides and climbing. Available as both hardtail (no suspension in the back) and dual suspension, XC bikes generally have less travel making for a stiffer, more efficient ride.


Described as the Swiss Army knife of mountain bikes, trail bikes are great for riders who want to do it all. With a more robust suspension, and efficient gearing riders can comfortably spend the day in the saddle knowing there isn’t much their bike can’t handle (the rest is up to the rider).


A category of mountain bikes originally invented to take on the Alaskan terrain, there isn’t much a fat bike and its rider can’t handle. 

Women's Specific

Many bike designers and fit experts agree – when it comes to bicycles for women the key is finding the right geometry for each rider. At STBG that means working with a customer to select the specific bike that is right for them based on their height, proportions, and riding style.


Need a little assistance climbing to your favorite ridge or keeping up with friends? A class 1 pedal-assist mountain bike – meaning no throttle and a maximum assisted speed of 20 miles per hour – can provide the boost you need.


For those who need to climb, but love to maximize their speed on the descents, look to an enduro bike for the right combination of gearing and comfort.


A downhill bicycle is the bike for you if you primarily ride at lift service mountain bike parks. With a beefy frame, hefty braking, and low center of gravity downhill these bikes are perfectly designed to take the big bumps and hard landings.