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Women’s MTB Ride Series Recap

Launching our summer mountain bike series for women, I didn’t really know what to expect, but I knew what I was looking for – a chance to meet other women riders, and introduce them to our local trails.

Looking back on the series which ran from June through September, I am amazed and humbled by what developed. During the season we met an amazing community of women with over 50 participating in at least one ride, many riding with a group for the first time. With each ride, we saw these women take on challenges, improve their skills, and grow their confidence while connecting with each other and growing their personal riding community.

While the ride series is over for the year, we plan on continuing to connect with riders through local events, field trips, and our Women’s MTB Ride Series Slack Group (not a member? Email us and we will send you an invitation). We are also planning on running the series again next summer.

Thank you to all the women who showed up, as well as all those who stepped up to help lead and sweep. We also want to thank the Blackstone Valley Chapter of the New England Mountain Bike Association for sponsoring our ride leader t-shirts, and the Sherborn Forest and Trail Association for the wonderful trails. We encourage riders to join both organizations!