Steve The Bike Guy

Our Story

We understand that it can be daunting to walk into a shop for the first time, particularly if you are new to cycling. 

We get that figuring out what you need, whether it’s a bike, gear or clothing, can be overwhelming (and expensive). 

And we know when our family rolls up in a branded van with multiple bikes on top, wearing matching kits, we can look a bit intimidating.

It all started with bikes

Before we were “STBG” we were new riders, new racers, and new parents and those experiences continue to shape the bike shop we own today.

Before he was THE bike guy with a shop full of tools and a wall of certifications Steve was a teenager spending all his spare time riding, as well as building and repairing bikes with whatever he found in the garage (ask him about using a chisel to cut cable). Bikes were his entertainment, transportation, escape, and obsession.

And yes, his mother tells the tale of his first ‘new’ bike which he may or may not have kept in his bedroom.

Before she was the Bike Guy’s wife, Kristin was an avid downhill skier and rollerblader who met a boy who loved bikes. He encouraged her to join him, first on the trails and then on the road, riding slow as she learned to keep up and love bikes.

Soon enough they were a young couple with two jobs, two young children, limited time, and even more limited budget, trying to fit in time to ride on bikes he built from frames found on eBay.

Before it was the home of STBG, there was a little shop with a long history of businesses (photo studio, yoga studio, and gift shop are some of which we’ve heard) that was spotted by a mobile bike mechanic with a Prius full of tools and a plan for something bigger.


Yay Bikes!