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Bike Builds & Restorations

At STBG, we love to build bikes, whether they are brand new out of the box, or are crafted starting with a much loved frame from the past.

Bike Builds

Found a new, or new to you, bike online? Congratulations! If you aren’t feeling quite up to the task of putting together your new bike, at STBG we can put it together and make sure it’s running as safely, and smoothly, as possible.

Custom Builds

Have something special in mind for your next ride? Steve the Bike Guy can help design a bike that meets all your requirements, and your budget, to create a bike that is uniquely yours.


Whether it is a much-loved bike from your past or a special surprise you found at an estate sale, Steve the Bike Guy can restore well-worn quality bicycles to their former glory with new parts and TLC.

Packing & Shipping

Why rent when you can take your favorite bike with you on your next vacation? We will pack up and prepare your bike for the trip, as well as put it back together when you get home.

Yay Bikes!