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Bike Consignment

We regularly receive requests from people looking for high quality used bicycles. We are also often asked by customers about selling bikes previously purchased from STBG.

Enter, the STBG Bike Consignment Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of bikes do you accept?
We only accept gravel and mountain bikes purchased from Steve the Bike Guy. Bikes must be in good working condition and received regular maintenance. Steve the Bike Guy reserves the right to decline a bike for consignment for any reason.

Before acceptance you will be provided with an inspection report and price for final approval.

What is the consignment fee?
We offer two options for reimbursement – please note, fee cannot be a combination of credit and cash: 

  • Store credit: Seller receives 85% of final sale price as store credit. STBG’s commission is 15%. (For example you will receive $850 store credit on sale of $1,000 bicycle).
  • Cash payment: Seller receives 75% of final sale price as a check. STBG’s commission is 25%. (For example you will receive check for $750 on sale of $1,000 bicycle).

What does the consignment fee include?
The consignment fee includes inspection, evaluation and light cleaning. If additional service, repairs or parts are required, an estimate will be provided and work must be completed and paid before the bike is accepted and posted for consignment. Parts and labor cannot be deducted from the proceeds of the sale.

Our fee also includes photography, posting and marketing as well as inquiries, questions, and preparation for final sale.

What if the bike does not sell or I change my mind?
The price of the bike will be reduced after the first 30 and 60 days based on planned priced reductions provided at intake. Bikes that do not sell within 90 days must be picked up within 1 week of notification. You may also cancel the consignment with 48 hours notice unless there is a pending sale on the bike. 

What if I have questions?
You are welcome to give us a call – 508-251-9737 – or stop by the Shop.

Consignment Request Form