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Van Antics

Steve the Bike Guy has upgraded our wheels, or to be more specific, we have upgraded the STBG van to a preowned 2021 Mercedes Benz Sprinter 170.

Follow along as we convert the Sprinter for transporting, camping and mechanicing (yes, we’ve decided that’s a word). 

STBG Vehicle History

Those who have known STBG from the beginning know that when launching his then-mobile business Steve used our family’s Toyota Prius to transport tools and gear to customer homes and businesses. The magnetic sign on the side had an amazing return on investment as neighbors of clients would call to arrange for him to visit.

Having driven Volkswagen Jettas for many years, Steve returned to his roots with the purchase of a TDI Jetta Wagon. While never branded, the wagon holds a special place in STBG history as it, with Steve and Sophie, were featured in VW Driver magazine after their appearance at the Cyclocross National Championships in Connecticut.

In 2017 Steve was forced to replace the TDI due to VW’s recall, at which time we made the jump to our first van – a used Nissan Quest which we wrapped in the first iteration of what has become known as the STBG Race Stripes. The van gave Steve plenty of room for tools and bicycles, as well as riders and gear.

In 2021 we retired the Quest, replacing it with a Ford Flex, decked out in STBG’s Race Flag and a rack that could carry 6 bicycles on top. Like our other vehicles, it has provided a backdrop for many great memories, including most recently when dropping off our daughter at college we were greeted by many with hails of “Steve the Bike Guy!”

While the Ford Flex has been a great vehicle, we missed the previous van for our ability to move bicycles while keeping them out of the weather. With two children in college, we are also looking to attend more events and explore the trails in New England and beyond.

And so we are onto the next phase – the STBG Van. Follow along for our antics!