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Hybrid, Commuter & Family Bikes

Where can your bike take you? Anywhere you want!

We can help you find a bike that will get you where you are going while fitting your budget.



There are just as many options for commuting bikes as there are reasons to ditch the car and ride to work including saving on gas, going green, reducing transportation expense, and/or fitness and mental health. Let STBG walk you through the options so you can ride to work on a bike that’s right for you and your commute.


Hybrid bikes combine some of the best features of road and mountain bikes, making for great general-purpose bikes that can be used to follow the kids on the rec path, take you to work or ride around town. At STBG, we make sure that each hybrid bike we build is as unique as the rider and the reasons for riding.


With their low-slung downtube and upright seated position, step-thru style bikes are a great option for riders looking for something that is easy to mount and dismount.


Class 1 pedal-assist bikes, those with no throttle and a maximum assisted speed of 20 miles per hour, can help you keep up with your family, make the commute to work easier, or just let you enjoy the ride longer.

Yay Bikes!