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Help lead our Summer MTB Ride Series for Women

For the third summer, we will be hosting a series of mountain bike rides for women. One of Kristin’s goals when starting the series, beyond finding new friends to ride with, was to encourage women to take the lead because we know through experience that women led-rides have higher female participation (even when the ride is not gender-specific).

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be the “best” rider to lead our “no drop, no apology” rides. Instead you need to have a great sense of direction or be able to follow a route we provide, keep a group together, and respond to emergencies with help from other riders.

This year, inspired by Kristin’s past as a Girl Scout Troop Leader, we have come up with a fun way to encourage and reward riders for giving leading (or sweeping) a try – achievement pins! Our custom made, and incredibly cute, pins will be given to ride leaders for the following:

Plus, those attending our ride for leaders and sweeps on June 5 will receive a special pin:

As the ads often say…. but that’s not all.

Ride leaders and sweeps receive additional benefits including priority parking, free STBG t-shirt (while supplies last), discounts on GPS navigation devices and other goodies.

Ready to take the lead?

If you are interested in leading a ride this year, please attend our ride on June 5, or drop Kristin a line at She will keep a master list of leads, and assign roles the day before each ride.