RecycleHave a bike (or bikes) that you don’t want or need, but not sure the best way to get ride of it? If the bike isn’t worth selling – eBay is my preferred channel for buying and selling old bikes and components – here are some ideas for what you can do with that old bicycle:

Check with your town’s food pantry to see if there is a family or child who could use your old bicycle.

If not, there are several local organizations which will take old bicycles, components and clothing and repurpose them for use locally or overseas, including:

Give it away free
Services like Craigslist and Freecycle make it easy for you to find people who may be interested in your bicycle. Not comfortable posting your address online? A low tech solution may be available at the “swap” section of your town’s transfer station or dump.

Swap it
Local bicycle swaps give you the opportunity to get rid of one bike, and maybe pick up something new (to you). Online message boards, like Boston Biker, have listings of upcoming swaps.

It’s sad to say, but not all bicycles are rideable. If that is the case for your old bike, check with your town on how to recycle the components – scrap metal and rubber.

One last thing – unless requested or permitted, do not drop it off at your local bicycle shop. Parts on an older bicycle can rarely be used, and will leave the shop owners to pick up the time and expense of disposing of the bicycle.