In mid-January we will be placing an order for custom Velo Studio long sleeve wool jerseys.

Made from 100% Australian Merino Wool, the jerseys  are machine washable, non-itching and have a 9″ hidden zipper pocket in the back. Stylish and functional these classic looking jerseys are perfect for anyone who rides in the winter (or just wants to look like they do).

Velo Studio on the Sleeve
The Velo Studio logo, beautifully embroidered on the sleeve.
Jersey Imprint
Planned jersey imprint

Pre-Order and Save
A limited number of jerseys will be available for sale in the Velo Studio, retailing for $140 (plus tax). Place your order by Wednesday, January 20th and receive your jersey at a discounted price of $110 (plus tax).

To place your order, complete the form below. We will contact you after orders close for payment, which will be due Saturday, January 23rd.

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I understand by completing this form, I am committing to purchase a custom, long-sleeve wool Jersey from the Velo Studio and will submit payment information upon request.

Sizing Information
Jerseys are unisex. Sleeve length is measured from bottom of neck rib to end of sleeve.

             Chest Sizing                  Jersey length back          Long sleeve length                    

S        32-34″  84cm                   25″  63cm                         76cm             

M        36-37″  93cm                  27.5″   70cm                     79cm               

L         38-41″  98cm                  28″    71cm                        81cm                  

XL       42-44″  108cm              28.5″   72cm                      86cm                  

XXL    45-47″  116cm                29.5″   75cm                      90CM