If you are looking for an alternative to skiing, there are several fun options for families.

Fat bikes
Think fat bikes are just for grownups? Think again! The Mini-Sota 2.0 from Framed has all the ingenuity of the Minnesota 2.0 in a compact package. Perfect for anyone with a smaller body type, the Mini-Sota is for youths or adults between  4’6″ and 5’4″.

You can take kids out in the neighborhood on sidewalks covered in a couple of snow, or contact your local cross-country center to see if they allow fat biking.


Framed fat bikes for the whole family are available at the Velo Studio.

Exploring local trails on snowshoes can also be a great way to get the kids outside!

Snowshoes are available at the Velo Studio and can be ordered and received within 1 day.