With Holy Week behind us, the New England cyclocross community is starting to settle in for a long season of racing. In particular, our group was looking forward to last weekend’s Minuteman Road Club Cyclocross race in Lancaster. Not only would it be at one of our favorite courses (where I was looking for redemption after last year’s flat tire), but three members of the Velo Studio’s Cyclocross Club would be making their race premiere!

Unlike many of the other races on our schedule, the Cat 4 (beginner) women and the “Cubs” didn’t race first – allowing Steve and Jason to leave early with the bikes, while Alex and I followed up with the children. As the volume rose in the back, I considered the idea that the hot chocolates might have been a mistake.

Despite some of the confusion caused by race officials during the Cat 4 race – you can read more on my personal blog –  Alex and I had a fabulous race, finishing in the middle of the pack for the first time. The boys also had a good day with Steve coming in 10th while Jason and Jeff (who made my day by showing up in his new Velo Studio kit) finished in the top 50%.

But the real highlight of the day was when the kids took the line for their first race. Obviously, I have watched and supported my children in many athletic endeavors. But there is something incredibly exciting and moving about having our children join us at “our” sport.

And, put simply, they were amazing. They faced their fears. They approached the obstacles (logs and barriers) and ran over them. They crashed and struggled with loose laces, and persevered.

And I went crazy. Hooting and hollering I was asked how many kids I had on the course – my answer? Three because these kids, and their parents, are my CX family.

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