Recently three members of the Steve the Bike Guy Cyclocross Team – Alex, Jason and Pete – traveled deep into the Myles Standish State Forest to Community Cross. With the sun streaming onto the course through the pine trees, it was a perfect autumn 50 degree CX day.  The course was very technical with tree lined turns, sand, a very legit run-up, and lots of logs.

STBG Community Cross 2015

As sometimes happens with new races, there was a schedule hiccup when the EMTs got lost on their way to the race. This threw the morning schedule out the window, but the organizers and officials did a good job restructuring the day and getting things back on track for the afternoon. Everyone stayed cool through the confusion and the race had great energy.

Because of the race delay, there was much pre-riding. This was especially great for Alex who was still skeptical about the technical level of the course. (One of the more precarious sections, a steep downhill, tree-lined, off-camber section, was eventually changed after the Women’s 3/4.)

The Women’s Cat 3/4 was the first race of the day. The group of 23 started out in a tight pack and thinned out halfway through the first lap. The “legit run up” after the sand got more punishing with each lap, but the paved sections allowed for recovery before the next series of turns and logs and hills. The women raced 5 laps with the leader finishing in 36:36. Alex actually loved the course, had a blast and finished strong. (You can read more about her race on her site

The Jason and Pete were on the line next for the Men’s Cat 4/5. The start was congested as 80+ men entered the technical course.  The men’s race bogged through the first sections, with many racers opting to run course elements.  Things spread out better by 2nd half of the first lap. It was great racing weather and the course stood up well throughout the 4/5 race.

There was a pretty high number of DNFs (12); possibly because of the technical nature of the course…?  The men also raced 5 laps with the leader finishing in 32:08. Jason and Pete both raced well with Jason finishing in the top 1/3 and Pete solidly in the middle of the pack.

Great job team – and thanks Alex for the race details!

You can check out some of the action from the 4/5 Men’s Race on YouTube:

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