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Welcome New Riders

So you just got a new (or new to you) bike. Whether this is your first time on a bike or you are getting back after a long hiatus, let me say . . . Welcome! After 24 years riding with, and 22 years married to, the Bike Guy, I can’t claim to be a… Continue Reading Welcome New Riders

Women Who Wrench – MTB Edition

Learn how to take care of your mountain or fat bikes during a five hour, hands-on session. Weather, trail conditions, and safety protocols permitting, at the end of the event attendees are invited to join us for a ride through Hale. Limited experience is necessary. However, we do require a sense of adventure and willingness… Continue Reading Women Who Wrench – MTB Edition

How to make a mask from a bicycle jersey

Even as we were deep into home quarantine, it became clear that our family of four was going to need a lot of masks for school, work, athletics, and other limited interactions, or I was going to have to do more laundry (FYI masks should be washed after each use). In the beginning, when there… Continue Reading How to make a mask from a bicycle jersey

New Helmets from Scott

Did you know it is recommended you replace your helmet every 3 to 5 years? That’s because the plastic and foam can degrade due to sun, heat, sweat, and normal wear & tear. Stop by Steve the Bike Guy to check out helmet options from Scott, including several styles featuring MIPS, a brain protection system… Continue Reading New Helmets from Scott

STBG Clothing Clearance

We are clearing out the last of our STBG custom kits (excluding mountain bike jerseys). Sizes are incredibly limited, but if the kit fits there are amazing deals to be had! Don’t miss out. HincapieShort Sleeve Jersey $27.50Men – M (1), L (4)Women – M (1), L (2) Bib shorts $27.50Men – L (3)Women –… Continue Reading STBG Clothing Clearance

Tax-Free Drop-In Shopping Day – Sunday, August 30

Stop by during our special drop-in shopping day, and take advantage of Massachusetts’ tax-free holiday! It’s a great time to buy a bike (anything up to $2,500) as well as any of the parts or accessories you’ve been considering. During our Drop-In Shopping Day, Steve will meet with customers outside, one-on-one. The doors of the… Continue Reading Tax-Free Drop-In Shopping Day – Sunday, August 30

When you like bikes more than your teens do

Steve and I really, really, really like bikes. We ride them and occasionally race them. We take them on day trips, long weekends, and on vacation, both in the winter and in the summer. We wear bikes on our clothing, decorate our home with them, and use old parts to make jewelry. Because bikes are… Continue Reading When you like bikes more than your teens do

STBG Women’s Tank Tops

We are considering offering women’s tri-style tank tops based on our latest jersey design – but wanted to gauge interest. If we move forward, the Garneau-produced tops would be available by pre-order only, and likely cost around $55 (not counting tax and shipping). Please complete the form below if you are interested in pre-ordering.If we… Continue Reading STBG Women’s Tank Tops

What I wear while riding and why – Mountain bike edition

Preparing the head out with a friend for her second-ever ride on her new mountain bike, she texted me an important question . . . “what are you going to wear?” Or, more specifically: “I’m wearing a t-shirt. Which is so weird. But okay, right? I don’t need to pack jersey pockets, right?” As I… Continue Reading What I wear while riding and why – Mountain bike edition

STBG Mountain Bike Jerseys have (finally) arrived

After a “slight” delay, the new STBG mountain bike jerseys from Sombrio have arrived, and we are thrilled with how they came out! The jerseys feature STBG’s iconic color palette, geographic mountain ranges, and a quote from the ultimate adventurer, Amelia Earhart, to inspire. Crafted to withstand the rigors of everyday adventures, the Men’s Chaos… Continue Reading STBG Mountain Bike Jerseys have (finally) arrived

Saturday Drop-In Days

With many shops, including Steve the Bike Guy, scheduling tune-ups 3-4 weeks out, we have been using Saturdays for drop-in flat repairs, quick consultations, service drop-offs & pick-ups, and questions. Drop-In hours are from 10 am to 3 pm, but we stop accepting new drop-ins at our discretion (with the goal of getting home before… Continue Reading Saturday Drop-In Days