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Welcome New Riders

So you just got a new (or new to you) bike. Whether this is your first time on a bike or you are getting back after a long hiatus, let me say . . . Welcome! After 24 years riding with, and 22 years married to, the Bike Guy, I can’t claim to be a… Continue Reading Welcome New Riders

When you like bikes more than your teens do

Steve and I really, really, really like bikes. We ride them and occasionally race them. We take them on day trips, long weekends, and on vacation, both in the winter and in the summer. We wear bikes on our clothing, decorate our home with them, and use old parts to make jewelry. Because bikes are… Continue Reading When you like bikes more than your teens do

What I wear while riding and why – Mountain bike edition

Preparing the head out with a friend for her second-ever ride on her new mountain bike, she texted me an important question . . . “what are you going to wear?” Or, more specifically: “I’m wearing a t-shirt. Which is so weird. But okay, right? I don’t need to pack jersey pockets, right?” As I… Continue Reading What I wear while riding and why – Mountain bike edition

STBG Mountain Bike Jerseys have (finally) arrived

After a “slight” delay, the new STBG mountain bike jerseys from Sombrio have arrived, and we are thrilled with how they came out! The jerseys feature STBG’s iconic color palette, geographic mountain ranges, and a quote from the ultimate adventurer, Amelia Earhart, to inspire. Crafted to withstand the rigors of everyday adventures, the Men’s Chaos… Continue Reading STBG Mountain Bike Jerseys have (finally) arrived

Saturday Drop-In Days

With many shops, including Steve the Bike Guy, scheduling tune-ups 3-4 weeks out, we have been using Saturdays for drop-in flat repairs, quick consultations, service drop-offs & pick-ups, and questions. Drop-In hours are from 10 am to 3 pm, but we stop accepting new drop-ins at our discretion (with the goal of getting home before… Continue Reading Saturday Drop-In Days

What I wear while riding and why – Road bike edition

There is a moment when talking to new riders, or our children, when the topic of clothing comes up – usually starting with the questions “do I have to wear spandex?” or “can’t I just wear regular clothing?” The answer, of course, is you can and should wear whatever makes you comfortable. But there are… Continue Reading What I wear while riding and why – Road bike edition

Adapting to the “new normal”

As an essential business, Steve the Bike Guy has been open, with limitations, since the start of the pandemic. My family and I are grateful for not only the support our customers and neighbors have shown during this time but also for their patience and understanding as I have worked to manage the workload, all… Continue Reading Adapting to the “new normal”

STBG Solo Strava Race Series

STBG Solo Strava SeriesCurrent Segment: STBG – Solo Series May 1-15 This one is in Ashland Town forest, a place that stays dry and typically has fewer people than many of the other wooded areas that are becoming over-crowded in Covid-19 times. Most of you have never been here – it is pretty easy riding… Continue Reading STBG Solo Strava Race Series

Women Who Wrench Clinic Rescheduled

Our Women Who Wrench Clinic, sponsored by Colavita, has been rescheduled to Sunday, September 20th. We thank everyone for their understanding and flexibility!

Women Who Wrench Clinic Postponed

With the health and safety of our family, friends, customers and neighbors remaining our top priority, Steve and I have decided to postpone our Women Who Wrench Clinic on March 29th.  We will be working to determine a new date. Registered mechanics have been emailed detailed information.