FocusThe experts at Cycling Plus/Bike Radar have been working their way through the best and brightest road bikes from manufacturers worldwide, looking to identify the Bike of the Year for 2016.

In a recent video, they identify the top three in the ‘superbike’ category (road bikes costing more than $3,800, including the Focus Izalco Max Disc).

Described as a “technologically a marvel,” the  Izalco Max Disc is an “incredible value for the money,” coming with Dura Ace, hydraulic brakes and a “really, really good level of equipment.” Reviewers went on to say that value for money aside, Focus was able to design a disc brake road bike that beats the UCI weight limit without compromising quality.

Check out the video to hear more about this “stunningly impressive bike,” then come into the Velo Studio to order yours today!