Heading outside for a ride? There are several ways to keep your noggin warm and dry including cycling caps; skull caps, balaclavas and winter helmets.

If you have a Lazer Helmet, you have one more option – add a winter liner and aeroshell for a perfect combination which will convert your helmet from cool to cozy!

Available in a variety of colors including clear, and flash yellow or green (for maximum visibility), the aero shell is a super thin piece of plastic designed to snap into place over certain Lazer helmets, blocking the front vents and a rider’s head from wind and rain while still allowing for some air movement under the front of the helmet and out the rear vents. Check out this article about the Aeroshell on Bike Radar,

The winter liner fits inside the helmet, replacing the standard padding, wrapping around a rider’s head and covering the ears for a beanie-like feeling (without fear of losing the beanie).

Don’t let the weather stop your ride – stop by the Velo Studio to order your Aeroshell and Winter Linter today!