For a limited time, visitors to the Velo Studio have the opportunity to check out two new mountain bikes from Focus Bikes – the Spine C SL and the Raven Max Pro 29.


Spine C SL
More agile than your long-distance bike, and livelier than an all-mountain, the Spine seduces you with its mix of breath-taking performance, smooth handling and irresistible looks. This will be love at first pedal stroke. Full gas across every terrain, from all-day epics to a quick spin after work, our SPINE will form the backbone of all your trail rides. Reviewers from French specialist magazine VTT Magazine agreed” about the riding position for optimal control of this full-suspension bike: wide handlebar, steep seat tube angle, central riding position for exerting real pressure on the pedals, and an ever-ready, very compliant shock. All the components of this bike call out for you to test them on varied and technically challenging terrain.” Read more.


Raven Max Pro 29
Focus races bikes like the Raven were developed for the most challenging marathon and cross-country race courses in the world, but they are equally at home on your favorite woodland trail. According to Bike Radar “The carbon frame, rigid fork, fast rolling stock and minimalist 1x drivetrain keep mass to a minimum and efficiency to a maximum.” Read the full review.

Don’t miss this opportunity to give the Spine or the Raven a test drive! Stop by the Velo Studio today.