Customer Stories

Rolling with Kim Reingold

Kim initially signed up for her first Pan-Mass Challenge in 2017, only to suffer a season ending injury. Embracing the “Challenge” of PMC, Kim was back on the bike in 2018, successfully riding into Provincetown with the other Point Sebago Girls, Pamela, Ann and Kristin. Overweight for the first two decades of my life, I… Continue Reading Rolling with Kim Reingold
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Rolling with Ann Wortman

One of the “Point Sebago Girls,” Ann joined Team Perry and the PMC in 2017 despite, as she says below, “not being a cyclist.” I’m not a cyclist…? However, one of my favorite childhood memories was sweeping the leaves on my driveway into long lines that would form “roads,” and riding around these roads for… Continue Reading Rolling with Ann Wortman
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Rolling with Pamela Landis

A few years ago, on a cruise from New Jersey, Steve and I had the pleasure of meeting two local couples with whom we had an immediate connection. Little did we know how our friendship would blossom from that initial time at sea, the community we would be welcomed into, or the miles we three,… Continue Reading Rolling with Pamela Landis
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Rolling with Alex Carleton

We are highlighting the places customers have gone (or are going) on their Velo Studio bikes, in their own words. Friend and founding member of the STBG Cyclocross Team, Alex shares her new found love of gravel. When I sat down to write this, I intended to write about our recent trip to Kenya and… Continue Reading Rolling with Alex Carleton
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Rolling with . . . Chris Smith

A longtime rider, and member of the STBG Cyclocross team, Chris Smith has overcome many challenges in the past 10 years. Now, he's taking on something "far beyond anything I would have thought possible just a few years ago" –– the Leadville Trail 100. Continue Reading Rolling with . . . Chris Smith
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