Cycling Shorts – Bibs or Not?

If you’re in the market for cycling shorts, you may have seen that there are two types to choose from – regular and bibs.  I know there are many riders out there who ride regular shorts and keep wondering if they should try bibs. As you may know, bib shorts simply add suspenders to a […]
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Going Bare In Bike Shorts

Last year a friend started road riding, and he purchased a pair of cycling shorts and other accessories such as a helmet and gloves.  It wasn’t until after a few rides that I heard him complaining about chaffing and sore spots.  At that moment I was transported back 25 years to my first pair of […]
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Dangerous Brakes Warning – Bad Caliper Brakes

There are many topics to cover with kids bikes and I will try to cover many in future posts.  For today, I’m going to focus on one of the biggest issues and problems with kids bikes (and some adult bikes) – the brakes.  Judging by the empty racks in places like Target, there were a […]
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