For the second year, our family packed up early and headed north for day 2 of the CRAFT SPORTSWEAR Gran Prix of Gloucester. Like last year the course was very dry, with riders creating a dust storm with each pass.

Racing first were Steve and Jason in the Cat 4/5 35+ men, with Steve gaining a huge advantage by starting at the front of the group, allowing him to avoid some of the traffic jams back in the field. In the end, both guys did great with both finishing in the top 50% and Steve taking 5th place.

Then, it was time for Alex and I to ride with the Cat 5 women. On this, my “cyclocross anniversary” I was thrilled to meet Vanessa from the Back Bay Cycling Club for whom this was going to be her first race. I enjoyed catching up with her after the race – sounds like she might be hooked.

The technical course challenged both of us, but I’m proud to say we avoided major crashes. My favorite moment may have been two young boys giving us a status on the riders in front of us and yelling “you are teammates! Work together!”

Thanks to Kathleen Manzo and Geoff Martin for the awesome pics!

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