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Custom art to go with your custom Ruckus

Buy a custom-built Ruckus Bike from Steve the Bike Guy, and receive a custom illustration and animation of you, your new bike, and your favorite kit and gear created!

Here’s how it works

After delivery of your bike, we will send you a questionnaire asking for details and photos about your gear (obviously we’ve got the bike and components covered). We then work with the ever-so-talented wyrdddlz (find him on Instagram) to have the custom artwork created.

Already have a custom Ruckus?

You rock. We certainly understand how frustrating it can be when a special offer comes out AFTER making a purchase. While it won’t be free, we are happy to collect the information and coordinate your custom illustration for a small fee.

Let’s make a Ruckus!

Click here to learn more about our custom-built Ruckus Bikes. Or visit to check out the frames.

Contact us for details or restrictions (by that time we may have figured out what they are). Offer subject to change without notice.