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Pre-order a Ruckus Bikes wool jersey

Get ready for your next adventures with a Ruckus Bikes wool jersey.

We love wool jerseys. Not only do they look good (how very retro) but as the original athletic material they are breathable; moisture wicking and odor resistant (we said resistant, not impervious).

As we prepare for spring (mis)adventures, we are opening up for pre-orders of wool jerseys featuring our new brand, Ruckus Bikes. Made of 100% Australian Merino wool, each jersey has a single 9″ hidden zippered back pocket and will be embroidered with the Ruckus BIkes logo on the front and cairn on the sleeve.

Pre-orders are due January 31, 2023.

Order confirmation (jerseys are $150 each) and payment link will be sent on February 3, 2023, with payment due upon receipt.