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Introducing Ruckus Bikes

What’s a Bike Guy to do when, because of supply chain issues, we are unable to get bikes to customers looking to get outside and ride? A challenge turned into an idea to start a new brand – Ruckus Bikes – with the goal of offering something unique that captured our love of bicycles, guided all who rode toward new adventures, and welcomed anyone wanting to get dirty and “make a commotion.”


Named after our annual winter rides, Ruckus Bikes is rooted in the geology, formations, and minerals beneath our wheels, and Steve’s history as a geology major in college.

Each frameset is graced with a rock stack or cairn, which according to experts were used by many cultures to mark routes to food or other resources; direct sailors to lighthouses, mark gravesites or pass along messages. The Ruckus Bikes cairn is used to illustrate both the balance bikes can provide (and is required to stay upright), while also serving as a marker along whatever path a rider takes.

Through Ruckus Bikes we will be offering high-quality gravel, mountain, and fat bike framesets at a better value than a stock big-brand bike. Given the specific challenges of finding gravel bikes for customers, we started with a frameset named for the sedimentary rock composed of broken fragments of minerals or rocks cemented together by a fine-grained matrix. Offered in Clinochlore purple and Blue kyanite, the framesets are designed to last with no proprietary pieces, weird integrated shocks known for coming loose or breaking, or odd parts sizing. You can tour, race, or just spend a day out with friends on your new gravel bike.

The first Ruckus “Breccia” gravel framesets in “Clinochlore” purple have just arrived and are ready to be custom-built by your favorite bike mechanic. Or, you can take a Ruckus frame home to build for yourself. Frames can be purchased online and shipped directly to anywhere in the Continental United States, or save $100 when you pick it up at the Shop.

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