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STBG High Vis Kits Now Available

When a customer asked us to work with Verge Sport to create a high-vis STBG kit, we were excited about the challenge and the opportunity to work with a company we know has supported many local races and riders.

Featuring elements from our Race Flag kits, plus logos from longtime supporters Farfar’s Danish Ice Cream Shop and Sundin Sports Marketing, the kits are designed for maximum visibility – according to one study “when a cyclist wore fluorescent leg coverings … observers recognized he was a cyclist more than three times farther away on average than when he wore black leggings and a fluorescent jersey.”

The new design, as well as expanded options of our STBG Race Flag kit, are available in through the new Verge Sport Team Store. Each piece is made to order and delivered directly to the customer. Plus, all purchases qualify you to become a member of the STBG Cycling Team!

Click here for important information about sizing and ordering, or to order a kit.