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Peeking into STBG Cycling Team Pain Caves

For some of us, indoor riding can be a great way to build for the warmer months, maintain a workout habit, or even connect with friends (thanks to programs like Zwift and Discord).

To help inspire those who may be looking to set up their own workout area/pain cave, we asked the STBG Cycling Team to share where they work out and what technology they use:

Phil sets the bar high with a workout room that has evolved after 20 years of running, cycling, triathlon, and core/strength training. According to Phil “In our younger days, there was just a magnetic trainer in an unfinished basement that we swapped between Jen and I. The current setup has fully replaced any need for a gym membership, other than pool or open water access; and was a conscious investment we as a family made as we committed more and more to a lifestyle.


  • Qty 2 Saris H3 smart trainers (noir pictured: daughter has Wahoo Kickr Core that she shuttles between college and this home gym); all connected to iPhones/iPads with apps from Garmin Connect (central recording), TrainingPeaks (training calendar), TrainerRoad (power specific workouts controlled via ERG mode), and Zwift (for just ride/race mode, and occasionally creating custom power based ERG workouts)
  • Smart TV for watching cable programming, DVR recordings, Peacock, Netflix, AppleTV, Prime Video, listening to music or podcasts, or any other desired distraction. Can also be used to mirror training apps if you just want to focus on Zwift or TrainerRoad
  • Audio amplifier connected to TV for in-ceiling speakers
  • Landis treadmill, 15 years young and still working like a charm
  • Precor functional trainer, also aging well at 15years
  • Dumbbells, weight bench, kettle bells, resistance bands, balance balls, yoga mats, physical therapy and recovery aids, etc.
  • High volume fan and windows that open
  • Needy Labrador retriever that really likes to participate in any and all gym activities
  • Door to keep the noise/distraction in or out of the gym

Leslie proves you don’t need a lot of room to get a great workout inside.

With their basement mid-renovation, she has set up her bike and Saris H3 trainer are in her bedroom. When it’s time to work out, she pulls the setup out of the corner, extends the legs of the trainer, sets the front wheel, and turns on her ceiling fan and a floor fan. Using an iPad she runs Zwift with an old Bluetooth heart rate monitor (which she finds to be more accurate than her Apple Watch), Leslie uses a Quadlock case to hold her phone. During workouts, she either listens to Pandora or connects with friends on Discord for a more social ride.

Nancy‘s workout area is all about the light! She uses a Wahoo Kickr core direct drive controllable trainer, Stages power meter, Wahoo Tickr for HR, Dell laptop to run Zwift and connect Zwift to the above devices using an ANT+ or Bluetooth (depending on which connects first).

With her iPhone & earbuds, she can connect to Discord, the Zwift companion app & music/podcasts. Sometimes she will split the Zwift screen with a live cycling, running, or triathlon for additional motivation.

We love Jeff‘s creative solutions, and detailed workout room photos. According to Jeff, his setup includes:

  • Bike: Focus Mares AX purchased from a fantastic shop in Sherborn MA
  • Trainer: Feedback Sports Omnium Zero-Drive purchased from a fantastic shop in Sherborn MA
  • Training program: TrainerRoad (I pay monthly for Jan-Apr)
  • Workout program: Bill Black 2018 … Bill used to do a group training program with COD/MacGregor/545 Velo/other folks: 2 workouts a week for 13 weeks, typically done on Tue and Thu
  • Computer: old Dell running Windows 7 (I have to run an old version of the TrainerRoad app for Windows because their current version doesn’t support Win7)
  • Tablet: iPad streaming Netflix or similar

Since the cold weather set in, Steve and I have been working out together with bikes standing side-by-side in the unfinished portion of their basement. Recently, we added a third trainer for our daughter who is working to improve her cardio for the upcoming lacrosse season.

  • Trainers
    Kristin & Sophie: Kurt Kinetic Road Machine 2.0 Fluid Trainers with Kinetic inRide 3 Power Sensor
    Steve: Tacx NEW 2T Smart Trainer
  • Two large screen tvs with Apple TVs, mainly for running Zwift
  • Mobile devices for Zwift Companion
  • Music on bluetooth speaker or individual headphones depending on number of riders
  • Fans at each bike
  • Fabric dividers to separate workout area from storage & workbench
  • Other equipment
    Bowflex, purchased for our son but largely unused while he’s at college
    Treadmill, folded and moved to make room for the third bike

However, you choose to ride in the winter – indoors, outdoors, upstairs, downstairs, or not at all – we love to see what works for you!