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Expanding the STBG Cycling Team

Since starting the STBG Cyclocross Team in 2014, we have seen our team grow as friends and customers wore our kits while bringing their grit, grace, laughter & determination to races near and far. 

We have also seen members of our community wearing STBG blue and orange for more than races. They have sorted through their collection of kits and chosen to wear our kits or jerseys for solo workouts, Friday morning socials, e-bike excursions, mountain bike rides, group gravel adventures, and more.

That’s why, with the goal of welcoming more members to our team, we have decided to rename and expand the STBG Cycling Team to include those who purchased an STBG jersey or kit for racing OR riding.

Membership to the Cycling Team is automatic with the purchase of a kit or jersey and includes:

  • Team-only emails with offers, announcements and event updates
  • Access to Team Slack channel
  • Early registration for STBG events
  • Priority service before races & events (Schedule permitting)
  • Team only service hours
  • And more to come!

Team members were sent a welcome email with details about the expanded team, including how to join the Slack channel. If you believe you should have received an invitation, please contact us at info [at]

Click here to find out more about the team, or to join by buying some gear!