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Welcome to the STBG Cycling Team

How it started

What started as the “STBG Cyclocross Team” in 2014 with this foursome sitting awkwardly in our new skinsuits, has grown as those who met the criteria – love bikes, be nice, have fun, buy a kit – joined the fun, and signed up for new races and adventures.

As the team grew we changed the name to be more reflective of the membership – the STBG Cyclocross Team and Club, became the STBG CX & MTB team and is now the STBG Cycling Team.

Of course, those who race in our STBG kits (of any generation) are part of the STBG Cycling Team, and we are grateful for not just your grit and determination, but your grace, your laughter, and the role you play as ambassadors not just for STBG, but for cycling. (And if you raced for us, but have moved on, retired, or are just taking a break, we want you to know, we will always consider you part of our Team).

But we also recognize those of you who sort through your cycling kits (and we know most of you have more than a few) and choose to wear STBG for solo workouts, Friday morning socials, e-bike excursions, or group gravel adventures… We see you and yes, you are part of the STBG Cycling Team.

We also see all the friends, neighbors, parents, spouses, siblings, and others that accompany our racers and riders. You too are on the Team, because where would any of us be without your cowbells, hand-ups, heckles, and hugs?

At some point soon we are going to be making some changes to the website to better reflect our broader definition of the STBG Cycling Team, but this seemed like as good a time as any to say thank you.

We love having you on the Team.