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Let’s Make a Ruckus!

An unconventional Ruckus Ride – February 6 and 7, 2021

The snow is falling and the trails are calling us . . . to bring out the fat bikes for a ride through the woods. Of course, due to the Pandemic, we cannot host our traditional Ruckus Ride. Instead, we are encouraging a weekend of riding and fun through a self-guided, unsupported Ruckus on February 6 and 7, 2021.

Details (because those are important):

  • We have created two Ruckus Ride Routes, both of which will prove challenging due to the trail conditions (see below). Both are available to download on Ride with GPS:
  • TRAIL CONDITIONS: As of Friday, February 5th, the trails are covered with deep wet snow, making them practically unrideable. While we are hoping today’s warmer weather and rain will pack down the snow a bit, we are also concerned that the cold overnight will make the trails too crunchy/unpassable.
  • Buy a Ruckus Ride long sleeve shirt ($20) and we will invite you to join our private Ruckus Ride Strava Group. THIS IS NOT A RACE. Instead, anyone in the Strava Group who completes (or tries to complete) a 2021 Ruckus Ride route on Saturday or Sunday will be entered to win additional goodies including STBG gift cards and swag. Plus, with each shirt purchased, we will make a $5 donation to the Sherborn Trail and Forest Association.
  • Stop by the Shop on Saturday, February 6th from 10am to 3pm for free hot cider and waffles!

Please note: The shirts will be made to order after the Ruckus. When purchasing please select if you’d like to pick up at the Shop or have shipped. T-shirts purchased after Sunday, February 7th will not be included in the Strava group. Prizes will available after the Ruckus ride for pick up at the Shop only.

Legal-sounding stuff: The Ruckus Ride is an unsupported, self-guided ride. Steve the Bike Guy is not responsible for riders. Be sure you know the route and have both proper dress and equipment. Pandemic rules and regulations apply. Wear a mask. Keep safe social distance. Avoid large groups. Ride at your own risk.