STBG Solo Strava Race Series

STBG Solo Strava Series
Current Segment: STBG – Solo Series May 1-15

This one is in Ashland Town forest, a place that stays dry and typically has fewer people than many of the other wooded areas that are becoming over-crowded in Covid-19 times. Most of you have never been here – it is pretty easy riding overall with lots of double track and old logging roads. The race segment is one of the few singletrack lines.
In the middle of the segment you will take a sharp right when you see a house to the left, this will take you up to a dirt access road, and the trail continuation is down a slope to your left. On the back side of the segment the trail take an abrupt right directly over a small stream. There is a ride line across but abrupt right turn may throw off your flow.
Use RidewithGPS and Trailforks to look at the area and create a ride through the forest.
Here is a 6 mile course that includes the race segment:

There is a parking lot on Winter Street (a small 2 car lot off and another 12 car lot 100′ down the road).

Welcome to the Steve the Bike Guy Solo Strava Series, a bi-monthly independent mountain bike race series where you compete by yourself on your own schedule. These are challenging times so here is a chance to get off the trainer, get outside, and “compete”.
First, please join the Steve the Bike Guy Strava club found here: ( This is not exclusive – Strava users can belong to lots of clubs.
Next record your ride on any GPS tracking device linked to Strava. This can be your phone, GPS enabled watch, Garmin, Wahoo, or similar. Strava will automatically calculate your time for the designated race segment. A winner will be declared from these results and a brand new race segment will then be announced. There will be multiple categories to compete in. 

Everyone can check their position in Strava by looking at the Leaderboard for the applicable segment, and then filtering by the Steve the Bike Guy Club.

Rules of the Race Series

  1. You are allowed to race the course segment as many times as you wish.
  2. Solo! Right now riding in groups outside those you live with disqualifies your time. Let’s all hope this rule can be deleted by summer.
  3. The total length of your bike ride, which then includes the race section, must be greater than 5 miles. Yes you could just ride the segment over and over to get the 5 miles.
  4. No electric assist bikes.
  5. If you encounter other trail users while on course, do not disrespect them. If you need to slow down to pass (6′ away), then slow down. I guarantee this will happen from time to time, and you’ll be irritated that your awesome run was disrupted. Just chill, go back, and try the segment again. 
  6. If you encounter horses on the course – STOP, dismount to the side of the trail, and speak to the riders until the horses pass and are clear before trying again. Speaking tells the horse you are a simple human. 
  7. Do not ride uncontrolled in an attempt to go faster than your capabilities. We don’t want anyone going to the hospital when they are overwhelmed with Coronavirus patients and difficult isolation issues. 
  8. Never cut off a turn to go faster! Many trails are getting ruined as more and more turns get straightened by Strava segment chasers. 
  9. If you have a more recent Garmin (520/530/820/830/1000/1030, and some watches) these units have incident detection. If you aren’t aware of this feature please check it out and always use that option.
  10. Finally, this is a series to have fun and you are out riding on your own. Just like every ride you do, all your actions are your responsibility.  

Each series will run from the 1st of the each month through the 15th, and then from the 16th through the end of the month. A couple days after each period, the winners will be announced from the fastest time posted. New race segments should be announced on the 1st and 16th.  Hopefully we can gain some traction, but if it doesn’t work I may pull the plug on it.

The winning time will be carefully scrutinized for validity based on location, total ride, estimated wattage, speed, GPS anomalies, and so forth. Steve is the final judge and jury on results, not Strava. I often see anomalies with Strava segments.


  1. Fastest Female
  2. Fastest Male
  3. Fastest Under 19 Male
  4. Fastest Under 19 Female
    (Strava only organizes youth ages as 19 and under)

There is a real chance for certain individuals to totally monopolize the winners circle. Therefore you get three wins total this year. We don’t want to be in the awkward position of naming the 2nd place rider the winner, so once you hit 3 wins then please just ride segments casually and don’t go for fastest times. You will get recognition for your hat-trick. 

I’m going to come up with random small prizes for the winners each series, and if conditions allow I’ll have a podium behind the shop for an Instagram picture. All participants go into a drawing at the end of August to win a STBG custom mountain bike jersey, with the segment podium getting an extra first/second/third (1 – 2 – 3 bonus entries). I’ll have mens and womens jerseys but size selection will be limited to stock on hand.    

Good Luck!

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