Getting Your Bike Serviced

Covid-19 Mini-Update.

Thank you everyone for the continued support!

In order to serve everyone better, and get more bikes done and more people out riding, please call me to get an appointment for service.

I am currently having a hard time managing the service requests coming in from Facebook, Instagam, Google Business, store phone, email, cell phone line #1, cell phone line #2, text message line #1, text message line #2, and even people seeing me out and about and yelling from their car for an appointment. Many of these require a day or more of back and forth to figure out your needs, when a 3-minute phone call would have done the job better. I’ve looked into an online appointment system, but bikes are all very different. What some people think is a major problem is a 20 minute repair for me, and what others think is a simple tune-up ends up as a 2 hour major repair.

Therefore please call me at 508-653-4948 (store) or 508-251-9737 (mobile). We can quickly discuss what you have and that will allow me to give you a date and assign the proper time to the service. If you contact me via another method, you may not hear from me for days, or you will simply get a reply to “please call me for repair requests”.

Thank you.

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