STBG Coronavirus Update

April 2, 2020 Update

Effective at Noon March 24th, Massachusetts required the closure of non-essential businesses to employees and customers. However this order was revised, and as of April 1st bike shops that perform service were added to the essential business list. I am open for service and will also deliver new bikes and some parts to your house.

However, before I discuss bike service it is important to address the situation. This is a very difficult time and, as of this update, the number of cases and deaths continues to spiral upwards. Meanwhile the data is showing more than ever that transmission of the virus occurs between asymptomatic persons and perhaps just by talking/breathing. As seen by tragic stories that emerged this week, any given person you may unknowingly give the virus to can end up dead. Most of us are still visiting grocery, liquor, hardware stores, bike shops, and going into restaurants for take-out. We are still encountering random people in too close of proximity and touching lots of surfaces.

It is for this reason the inside of the store will remain closed and the door locked. Although I’m allowed to let people in like a liquor store; I have a small shop. If a couple is already inside, and suddenly a family of 3 walk in, there are now 6 people in a very tight space impossible to remain separated. We can’t even think of getting back to normal until the curve drops, and even then the CDC now says they want 4 weeks of dropping before easing isolation guidelines.
I will continue to require bikes be dropped/picked up at the rack outside. In these cases if I come outside to greet or speak to you please try to stay as far away as possible. Again, either of us could have the virus without knowing or any symptoms, only to then transmit to a vulnerable person at the grocery store simply through the cart handle. In addition, if I were to suddenly get a hint of a symptom I would need to immediately shut down for many weeks and I’d prefer to avoid this if possible.

Servicing Your Bike
Service is by appointment only. To make an appointment for normal service and tune-ups, please use online reservation form: Appointment Request.

If you need more extensive or customized service, please send me an email or call 508-653-4948. See below for information on quick flat tire repair. Unfortunately this means that some quick common service items can no longer be done without an appointment, and that minimum costs apply. My prices remain unchanged, but the extra time needed for scheduling, getting bikes dropped outside, disinfecting them, perform the service, disinfect again, storing, arrangement of the pickup, and chasing down too many unpaid invoices, adds a lot of time to every bike especially what normally would have been an on-the-spot 20 minute fix. All bikes taken in for later pickup have a minimum $50 charge in services.

Bikes with an appointment can be dropped off outside. I will email an invoice that can be paid online, and the bikes can be picked up outside again. I will make notes on your invoice and in most cases pickups can be grab and go. I usually will poke my head outside to say hi and confirm the pickup. If it is raining on the day you need to drop-off, you can bring it the next day. You can also call me to say you are outside, drop the bike, and I’ll immediately come grab it out of the rain.

Home pick-up and drop-off bike service is available in Sherborn and abutting towns (Framingham, Dover, Ashland, Wellesley, Medfield, Natick). This service is $30 each way (per address).

I will also be making accommodations with a covered bike rack to drop-off and pickup outside of normal business hours. Since the interior of the shop is not open, I might not maintain regular hours and instead may perform service duties during irregular hours. I do anticipate on most days you’ll find me inside the shop working away on your bikes.

Shop from Home
Need a few things for your bike (or even a new bike?) Give me a call on my mobile number at 508-653-4948, or drop me an email, and I can put together your order, accept payment over the phone or online, and have it ready to pick outside the shop. I will also deliver new bikes direct to your home. Please give me a call to discuss your needs. I have recently delivered two bikes, a helmet, pedals, and Garmin unit. Many of your favorite bike companies will now let you order from me and direct ship to your house. This applies for everyones local bike shop around MA and the country, so you can support the local business. Amazon is busy enough they don’t need to sell you a Garmin computer or SRAM rear derailleur.

Flats & Tubes
Many customers just need to buy an inner tube or have a flat repaired. You can bring by the bike or wheel, place it at the station, and I will come outside to make the repair and send you on your way (please text me ahead of time to make sure I’m in (508-251-9737). These type of quick repairs can be invoiced for $5 fee. Immediate Venmo or Paypal payments are preferred for this. An outside 24-hour self-service tube buying station is also on the way if this rain ever stops to complete it.

Decontamination: This is a tough situation. I will be wiping serviced bikes with a powerful disinfectant solution. Bikes however are very complex surface items with a nooks and crannies so there is only so much that can be wiped. Time is the best solution for total decontamination.

Recognizing this is an evolving situation with sudden changes, I will continue to do my best to help customers with their bicycles, and appreciate your support and patience. Please check back here for any further updates.

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