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Ride Safe During Hunting Season

Hunting season is here, which means it’s a good idea for riders to add a little extra color to their wardrobe before hitting trails. (Click here for information and dates from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts).

Adding brightness will not just help improve safety during hunting season – it will help your friends find you more easily anytime of year. Here are a couple of ways to brighten things up:

Start from the top with a bright helmet, like the Scott Supra (available soon at the Shop).

If you don’t need a new lid, you can add some color with a bright helmet cover.

If you are in the market for a new hydration pack, pick one with a little extra pop.

Already have a pack that you love (or at least like a lot)? Cover it up with a high-vis backpack cover.

Other easy ways to add a bit of brightness and increase visibility is with socks, neck gaiters, arm warmers, and jerseys.

And if you really want to add a splash of color, don’t forget your ride!