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Rolling with Kim Reingold

Kim initially signed up for her first Pan-Mass Challenge in 2017, only to suffer a season ending injury. Embracing the “Challenge” of PMC, Kim was back on the bike in 2018, successfully riding into Provincetown with the other Point Sebago Girls, Pamela, Ann and Kristin.

Overweight for the first two decades of my life, I never considered myself an athlete. After dropping the weight in my early 20s and adding activity into my daily routine, I suddenly went from brisk walking to running and adding road races along the way. Then I started more strength training and participating in classes at my local gym. One of the trainers encouraged me to try a spin class, which I did with the goal of just getting through that first class. I loved it and after many years of spinning, I was looking for the next step in my fitness.

With two friends signed up to ride in the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC), I decided to go to the lunch stop and visit them. That hour was one of the most moving experiences I’ve ever had – to see such an enormous group of riders engaged in logging so many miles in support of cancer research and patients was jaw dropping and inspiring. A few weeks after, I visited Steve the Bike Guy who ordered and built me a bike, and I signed up to ride in the PMC.

Yes, I do ride for cancer research and patients, but I also ride for a slew of other reasons.

It’s great exercise – low-impact and much better on my back and knees. And you can eat whatever you want when logging lots of miles.

I’ve seen roads I have never have traveled before, and gained a new appreciation for all sorts of weather.

It is also humbling in many ways, like when you forget to unclip and end up on the ground.

It provides “me” time, but also time to ride with others, which is one of my favorite parts of cycling. There is an unwritten camaraderie between riders and I have met lots of interesting people.

Name: Kimberly Mattis Reingold
Adventure: Riding for a cure for cancer
Ride:  Scott Contessa Addict 25

In 2017, Kim showed up at, still in her sling, to cheer on the rest of the Point Sebago Girls.