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Reflecting on the 2017 Cyclocross Season

We (finally) had the opportunity to celebrate the end of the 2017 cyclocross season with members of the Steve the Bike Guy team. Preparing for the celebration, we spent time going through all of the photos – some taken by talented photographers and friends including Jeff Dieffenbach, Angelica Dixon, Scott Ryder and Katie Busick – and reflecting on the season.

The 2017 season saw big changes for the team. We welcomed several new members, all riders and racers dedicated to cultivating a welcoming and friendly bike culture, and were often amazed to see the distinctive blue and orange “everywhere” at races.

The team also received support from sponsors Yasso, MutualOne Bank and Focus Bikes, which allowed us to “roll out” a new Velo Studio support van, and introduce a reward program for team members hitting the podium in cyclocross and mountain bike races.

When considering the idea of rewarding riders, there was no question we would be including our junior women who, due to their normally small field sizes, would reap the largest rewards.  This decision, as well as watching the juniors progress, is probably the thing that makes me the most proud – because the girls had an amazing year.

They rode in wet, cold, and/or muddy conditions – often very early in the morning.

They battled injuries, learning when to push themselves and when to listen to their bodies:

And they faced challenges, and mechanical issues, with grace and humor, often showing up the next day to do it again.

And they reminded us at each race that, ultimately, racing is about friendship and fun.

Thank you to everyone on the team – we look forward to doing it again next year!