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Riding with Miss Daisy

For those following us on Strava or Instagram, you may have noticed we have a new riding companion – Daisy, a two-year rescue we welcomed to our family in September. A high energy girl with an athletic physique, Daisy came to us already trained to walk & run off leash, leading us to believe she could be a great trail dog. But it wasn’t until this spring that we had a chance to give riding and running a try.

Turns out our instincts were correct – on our first ride out we discovered she had no trouble keeping up with the speed. She also had great instincts for following the trail and staying clear of wheels. Fortunately, she has very little interest in chasing other dogs or animals, allowing her to stay focused on keeping up (and wrangling me when I fell behind).

With our first ride behind us, it became clear that when riding with a dog, preparation is key. While we don’t use a leash while riding with Daisy, she did come trained (thanks to Chase K9 Services) on an e-collar (or remote training collar), which allows us to catch her attention when she gets distracted. Rather than having the controller hanging around my neck, I used an old tire tube to craft a holster giving me easy access to the remote.

I now carry a few more items in my backpack specifically for Daisy, including compostable doggie bags, extra water (especially important if mine is enhanced with extras), and a collapsible water bowl, as well as her leash (just in case).

Just as important as how she behaves on the trail, is how she does in the parking lot. So, we are also working to ensure Daisy stays safe both before and after the ride, teaching her to wait quietly while we load up the bikes, or prepare to hit the trail.

As the weather becomes warmer, we are looking for many adventures on the trails with Miss Daisy! And yes, you can follow her adventures on Instagram.