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Rasputitsa 2016

The weather was perfect as we rolled out Saturday morning to take on Rasputitsa with friends and teammates this past weekend.

The course, while drier than past years, was as challenging as promised with over 4,000 feet of climbing that tested our legs and our gearing. Everyone did great, pushing through the pain and receiving their just rewards – frozen maple syrup shots, chocolate chip cookies, and beer!

A huge thanks to the organizers for what we can only imagine is an epic effort to get this race rolling smoothly. To the Little Bellas for providing encouragement and honey handups after the QOM/KOM Challenge. To my parents for taking the kids while we went to play. To Steve for setting me up with the perfect gearing. And to our hostess at the Burke View Inn for a warm welcome and comfy beds.

We’re looking forward to seeing the official pictures from Rasputitsa, but here are a few of our snapshots from the day.