Making ready for Rasputitsa

After a long weekend watching lacrosse games, my wife and I snuck off for a few hours on Sunday to check our equipment and clothing in preparation for next weekend’s Rasputitsa Gravel Road Race. Inspired by photos of mud, gravel, and snow, we went hunting for conditions similar to those found on the unsanctioned gravel road race through the backroads of Vermont.

For my wife, the ride was particularly important as she gets to know her new Focus Mares CX carbon, and we evaluated her gearing (a 36t 1x with 11-36) and tires. After yesterday’s ride, I decided we will be replacing her current tires with Schwalbe G-One tubeless, 35mm, which will give her good traction and a smooth ride.

Check out our route traveling the trails in Ashland, Sherborn, and Holliston.