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Race Recap: Crosstoberfest

There is something special about taking time out of our regular weeknight activities, packing up the bikes, and heading out for a cyclocross race. While last year I flew solo to Crosstoberfest in Raynham, this time I had a partner in crime – our 10-year-old daughter, Sophie.

Arriving a bit later than I had hoped due to traffic, we were able to catch our Velo Studio teammates, as well as several new friends, in the Cat 4/5 race.

Originally, the plan was for Sophie and her teammates to race in the under 12 category – with two of the three girls being old enough to ride in the Junior Women’s category (12 – 19), and the kids racers being very little, we received permission from race organizers for Sophie to “cat up” to the Junior Women and race with friends.

Which also meant she and the girls were racing with the the moms (me and Alex). Such a cool moment rolling up to the staging with our younger teammates.

The race was much like I remembered from last year – flat, flat and more flat. While that may seem like a good thing, it means there are very few opportunities to rest (what goes up, must go down). The race planners added a few new technical elements including a new “twist” – the sand spiral of death (get it? Spiral? Twist?).

In the end, I was really pleased with the race. Not only did I finally crack the top 50%, coming in 10th to Alex’s 7th place finish – the Junior Girls did four laps and, and swept the podium.

And if that wasn’t enough, Alex brought blondies and cupcakes to celebrate Jason’s birthday.

As I said, there is something special about a weeknight cyclocross race

Thanks to Rock Hard Racing for another great year, and Bud Morton Photo  and Henry Dormitzer for the awesome photos!