Love the ride. Need the run.

Nearly three weeks after falling in a terrain park (a “kiddie” terrain park, as my husband likes to remind me) and bruising my ribs, I am working my way back into a regular schedule of riding and running.

During my post-recovery rides, I have been reminded how much I love to ride. I love the freedom, the elegance, the speed, the distance. I love that I can ride for fun, or I can ride to get to work (and leave my car at home). I love the time the ride allows me to think, to disconnect, to breathe.

But while my brain missed the rides, my body missed the runs. Since taking up running in 2012, something has shifted – what was something new has become something necessary. I need the run to shake up my body and gets things moving. I need the run to get the blood flowing and the heart beating in a short amount of time.

With my sneakers and bike sitting still, I felt logy, uncomfortable and tired. So I guess the truth is I. . .

Love the ride.
Crave the run.
Need them both.


The Bike Guy’s wife, Kristin Brandt, is a full-time working mother, local business owner, amateur multi-sport athlete, and most recently, cyclocross racer.