What’s in your saddle bag?

Small in stature, a properly stocked saddle bag can play a big role in many situations.

What you need in your bag is up to you – here’s what I keep in my saddle bag from fi’zi:k:

  • Lezyne multi-tool – Includes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8mm Allen keys; Philips-head, T25 Torx bits; 3 spoke wrenches: 1x Mavic splined, 2x square sizes, and  stainless steel chain breaker
  • Spare tube
  • Park Tool self-adhesive patch
  • Tire levers (2)
  • HammerHead CO2 Tire Inflator – compact and easy to use
  • CO2 cartridge (2) – wrapped with electrical tape (because sometimes you just need some tape)
  • Spare chain links


Stop by the Studio and get your saddle bag ready to ride!