Trolling the local trails

My wife and I have been on the hunt for great places to ride the fat bikes, recently checking out three local parks – Ashland State Park; Hopkinton State Park and Rocky Narrows in Sherborn.

At both parks in Ashland and Hopkinton, the trails were fairly narrow, packed by foot by local walkers. While Ashland’s trails were smoother than Hopkinton, they were also covered in dog poop – significantly more than the other two parks – which added a level of “danger” to our ride.

Of the three, Rocky Narrows was easily the best – the trails were clean and, due to local snowmobiles, very wide and smooth. The trail we followed had very steep hills, which while challenging to climb, made for incredibly fun downhill runs.

With the temperature starting to rise, we are looking forward to more days out on the trails – bring on the mud!

Rocky Narrows Fat Biking from Steve the Bike Guy on Vimeo.