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Encouraging the kids to ride inside

Winter is here, and while I’d love to be able to ride outside every day (hello Esbee), when the temperatures are in the single digits, the best place to exercise is inside.

Recently, we converted Steve’s former home office into an exercise room (more on that in a future post). As I prepared for a workout, I was pleasantly surprised when our nine-year-old daughter asked to join me on my ride.

Her bicycle, an adorable road bike from Farrier, fit on the trainer without any issue, although we did have to use a large plastic bin to bring the front wheel up to level.

While I used a video from The Sufferfest for training, we watched the first episode of Wonder Woman as motivation and distraction.

I’ll admit, between the singing, bicycle seat dancing, and practicing her cyclocross dismount, our daughter’s workout wasn’t very intense. (After 3o minutes she decided to get a bowl of ice cream, which she then ate on the bike).

We will keep encouraging the kids to join us as we ride inside – perhaps adding speed and cadence sensors to their bikes so they can track their progress and compete with each other.

Stay tuned as we share how our indoor riding adventures go!