First ride in the snow

Something funny happened after the snow fell last night – I couldn’t wait to go out for a ride!

After spending the morning “de-Christmas-fying” the house, and getting ready for the week, I threw “Esbee” (my Framed Minnesota 2.0 Fat Bike) in the car, joining my friend and her Surly Ice Cream Truck (“Frosty”) for our first snow ride.

We took it easy riding through the Ashland State Park until we got to the dam – because it’s a Strava segment! – where we kicked up water, mud and ice.

The warming temperatures turned the snow into the consistency of mashed potatoes, but both bikes handled the terrain really well. Other than one minor spill (mine, in front of witnesses of course), we were both able to stay on our bikes. My biggest challenge was maintaining traction as I headed up hills – by the end of the ride I had figured out how to distribute my weight over the tires.

With winter just getting rolling, I’m looking forward to many more rides through the woods on my fat bike!