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My so-called-perfect race

Last week I took a break from work and family, packed up Elsa (my Focus AX 3.0) and my race gear, and headed down to Raynham, Massachusetts for Crosstoberfest, my first evening cyclocross race. While I was meeting a few new girlfriends at the race, this was my first trip without my husband, race partner and bike mechanic.

Someone had to take care of the kids.

I had not planned on this race – but a combination of encouragement from both Steve and my girlfriends; a beautiful forecast (70 degrees in October) and a burning need for redemption after two rough races, inspired me to register last minute.

Standing at the starting line, I had no mental baggage – after a quick tuneup my bike was riding right; I had hydrated and fed properly throughout the day, and my warm up circuits had gone smoothly. I had two goals for the race – try to complete as many laps as the leaders, and have fun.

While I didn’t achieve my first goal – given how fast the course was, I didn’t actually think I’d get this one done, but I used my Bia to collect some good data that will help me as I train for next year –  I did meet my second and had a blast! I crashed (taking out some course tape and knocking off my chain), had a beer and hung out with new friends, mugged for the camera, compared notes with another mom/triathlete/beginner racer (which was captured by, and enjoyed a few moments to myself.

All in all, I would call it the perfect race.

Tomorrow I race again, this time in Northampton with Steve, which I keep telling him will be my last race of the season.

Unless of course I have another so-called perfect race. Which may inspire me to ride one. more. time.

Photography by Bud Morton Photography – nice to meet you Bud!