lazer_lifebeam_image_lifebeam-gear@2xTracking your heart rate during exercise can be a helpful indicator of the intensity of your workout – but heart rate monitors can be uncomfortable (if you remember to wear it at all).

Enter LifeBEAM from Lazer – the first time wearable technology has been used in cycling helmets. According to Lazer “The LifeBEAM application is the only device that can be placed in a cycling helmet to continuously measure the rider’s heart rate, no chest strap needed. This technology senses your body while you ride and gives you an accurate analysis of your performance, while protecting your head.”

Athletes looking to make the most of their workouts, can choose to add the LifeBEAM device to compatible Lazer Helmets, including the Z1, Blade, Magma and Wasp Air, or purchase the Genesis LifeBEAM. “The helmet seamlessly pairs to fitness devices and smartphones through ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0 protocol and displays the rider’s real-time heart rate. . . Once you start using the helmet you can easily connect it with most fitness apps, fitness devices & mobile devices. All you have to do is put the helmet on your head and turn on the LifeBEAM unit at the back of the helmet. As soon as the sensor makes contact with the skin, the brain unit will send out your heart rate data to a connected device, displaying it in real-time.”

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