Now available at the Velo Studio – Super Sticky Kush bar tape from Supacaz.

In a review by David Arthur in, the Super Sticky Kush bar tape received high marks:
“The performance of the tape is top notch too. It’s nicely padded, with just enough squish to provide good vibration damping and offers a little extra comfort. I’ve tested a lot of bar tape in my time and this is among the nicest I’ve used, with a satisfying feel in the hands that adds to the pleasure of riding a bicycle. The tape has a high level of grip too, and that makes riding without gloves easy as, even when sweaty, the tape is non-slip. Durability has been good so far too, and the white colour is easily cleaned.”

The choice of World Champions and Gold Medalists, this high performance bar tape is available in a wide array of colors and designs, including country colors, multi-colors and patterns. Schedule your tune up today, and ask for Super Sticky Kush bar tape.