Together we can assemble your perfect bike.

In recommending bikes to people, fully built bikes on the shop floor, it has often come down to the bike that “mostly” meets their needs.  In the end, that is based upon a far away product manager’s thoughts and philosophy of what will appeal to the most people or even what parts the manufacturer was clearing out.  They are good bikes, just not exactly a complete fit for every individual.  Perhaps the saddle isn’t right for them, the bar tape isn’t their color, the gearing really should be changed for their riding terrain, the tire quality was skimped on and the size isn’t ideal, and the crank length is really too short for their long femurs. Bike internet forums are filled with riders who have just bought a new bike and are already talking about the parts they are changing and upgrading.  Why not get everything right in the first place?

Enter my new Build-A-Bike concept.

Steve the Bike Guy will work with you to design your bike that you can even put together.  We will meet to discuss your riding needs, habits, and wants.  We’ll perform a fit if needed.  Parts will be chosen to fit your budget and riding style.  Once the project is finalized, the parts and frame will be collected for assembly.  You can then assemble your new bike by hand, using as much of my assistance and guidance as you want.  Along the way you’ll learn how all the pieces work together, how they are adjusted, and end up with a bike you built and can take pride in.

Of course I can always just assemble the new bike myself if you prefer that.

Contact me for more information on the Build-A-Bike program.