Rapha Wome's 100

On Sunday, July 26th, women around the world will be riding 100km (62.13 miles for the metric-system challenged) – either on their own or by joining one of the organized rides – as part of the Rapha Women’s 100. And I’m planning on joining the fun with some of my cycling girlfriends.

Pressure was on to fix this flat!
Pressure was on to fix this flat!

While my friends regularly complete long rides (both rode over twelve hours in their quest for knighthood), my “normal” ride distance is somewhere between 15 and 25 miles, meaning I have some prep work to do. Since signing the pledge I have been steadily increasing my weekend miles, with the goal of adding 5 miles each week and maintaining an average of speed of 15 mph.

This week’s 35 mile ride was a bit slower than my target, but I did achieve one other major milestone – successfully changing my first flat “in the field.” (It wasn’t actually my tire – and as I was wearing my Steve the Bike Guy kit, I was feeling the pressure to perform!)

With a little over a month to go, I’m enjoying my training and looking forward to racking up more miles in the coming weeks (despite the fact that I will probably have to start getting up earlier to get the rides done).

Will you join me and thousands of women worldwide as we ride in July?


The Bike Guy’s wife, Kristin Brandt, is a full-time working mother, local business owner, amateur multi-sport athlete, and most recently, cyclocross racer.