Thursday, May 26th – 6:30pm – 8:00pm
This event is free – but space is limited. Please register so we have a head count.

Cycling, while having many documented health benefits, can also carry risk for injury – for example, poor bike fit and other factors can contribute to overuse injuries and chronic pain.

Dr. Dana Kotler and physical therapist Greg Robidoux, of Spaulding’s Cycling Medicine Program use a team approach for the assessment and treatment of both injured cyclists, as well as those looking to optimize their performance.

Whether you are a long-time cyclist, or just starting to log some serious miles, you will benefit from Dana and Greg’s explanation of cycling biomechanics and the importance of muscle strength, flexibility, bicycle fit, and technique to maximizing efforts while preventing injuries.

Dr. Dana Kotler, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and board-certified sports medicine physician leads the Cycling Medicine Program at Spaulding. She is also a certified Pilates instructor and lectures widely on the relationship between core muscles and low back pain. An avid cyclist herself, she competes in road, track and cyclocross events.

Greg Robidoux, PT is a Physical Therapist and founder of The Cycling PT,  a cycling-centric physical therapy clinic. Greg is Director of Education and lead instructor for the Serotta International Cycling Institute in the science of bicycle fit. A competitive cyclist himself, he understands the sports and the importance of proper functional movement patterns and bike fit to reduce injury, increase comfort on the bike, and improve performance.